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"...It perfectly told the story of 'us.'  It was a beautiful, unique song that we ended up using during our first-dance as well as something that we featured in our wedding video."

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"You and Me" - Custom song created for an anniversary celebration

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It starts with Your Story...


Few things are as unique as your story.  And even fewer things help capture those memories and emotions as music.  We are here to help celebrate those cherished moments by creating custom music that tells your story in an unmatched way.

Long after the flowers fade and the ice sculptures melt, your song will be something that is enjoyed for years to come. This distinctive and individual gift is a fun and lasting way to commemorate your story.

Our team features award winning musicians and writers along with some of the best creative minds in the business. Allow us the privilege of helping bring your story to music.

Our Story...


Many couples can quickly and easily tell you about "their song."  There's just something about music that communicates things in a very deep way.

I'll never forget the look on my fiance's (now wife's) face the moment I first played what truly became "our song" -- an original song written just for her about the story of us.  We used it for our first dance, as background music for our wedding video and now in regular rotation on our home play list (over the last decade!).

I was inspired by that experience to help others enjoy the same thing - to somehow capture their unique story, set to their unique music, as something to be utilized for years to come.

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