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How Does This Work?

After filling out an engaging questionnaire, a meeting is scheduled where we talk through several options for the overall direction of the song.  A general plan is made (including style, genre, vocalist) and then the fun begins!

There is a client-approval process each step of the way to be certain that we are meeting and exceeding your overall vision and desire for the project.  Once the song is completed, we begin the process of moving to the studio and making an audio recording for your use.  A digital copy of the song is then delivered to you for final approval.

What About Pricing?

Each project is as unique as the story it tells.  We maximize every opportunity to work with the highest level of excellence while working within your budget.  Whether you would like a simple piano/guitar and vocal track package or a prime recording with a live performance, we will work with you to help make it happen.  Additional world-class arranging and instrumentation is available and is priced on a per song basis. Exact costs are clearly explained and communicated to you.

How Do You Handle Copyright Issues?

Each project comes with a license for unlimited play and utilization of the song in non-commercial settings (i.e. a wedding reception, a wedding video, sharing on social media).  In most agreements, retains the ownership and overall rights to the song.

A full buy-out option of ownership is available upon request.

Further Questions?

Drop us a line!

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