Ana's Story


This particular song was written and given as a gift for a wedding. It was utilized during the reception as the first dance song as well as background music on a wedding video highlighting the event for the bride and groom.

Years later, it is still enjoyed and listened to by not only the couple but now their kids who enjoy hearing their parent's special song.


"Words" is the story of Anton and Lisa.  Having met at the University, their relationship initially began as a friendship. The friendship eventually grew into much more as they enjoyed frequent and meaningful conversations.  The words shared over time was the treasured thing that brought them together.


The story of Bill and Sandie is one of love lost and then found in an unexpected way.  Their individual journey of sorrow and separation turned to a united joy is one that is both encouraging and inspiring.


One of the great joys of being a husband and wife is raising kids together. This song, which was written for a 10 year anniversary, celebrates the family while honoring the relationship that started it all in the first place.  In the end, it comes back to "You and Me"....

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